European Emergency Call Number

Single European Emergency Number “112”


112 is the European emergency number, available everywhere in the EU, free of charge.

Citizens in the EU, need to remember only this emergency number to reach immediately local police, emergency medical service, fire brigade, mountain rescue or any other national emergency services. In this regard, 112 is of great value particularly for travelers within the EU, when they are in distress and in need of emergency help.

112 operates in all EU member states alongside the existing national emergency numbers, with the aim to facilitate access to national emergency services. However, some EU countries have opted for 112 as their main national emergency number. 112 is also used in some countries outside the EU –such as Switzerland and South Africa – and is available worldwide on GSM mobile networks.

In Greece, 112 operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and connects the callers with the following emergency services:

·         Police

·         Fire Brigade 

·         Emergency Medical Services  

·         Coast Guard ,

as well as two hotlines of social value:

·         the European hotline for missing children 116000 and

·         the National Helpline for children SOS 1056

When a person dials 112, specially trained operators answer immediately the call. The operators speak Greek, English and French. Depending on the emergency incident reported by the caller, the call operator dispatches the call to the appropriate emergency service.

112 operators cannot provide traffic or weather reports, road assistance or any other type of general information.


Calls to 112 can be made from fixed phones, public payphones and mobile phones (even without a SIM card), always free of charge.


Domestic and foreign mobile users can access “112”, even when out of their home network coverage, through other available domestic mobile networks (national and international 112 roaming service ).

Caller location information can be provided for callers unable to report their exact location.


The competent public authority for 112 in Greece is the General Secretariat for Civil Protection under the Ministry of Public Order & Citizen Protection.


More information on the operation of 112 in every EU country can be found at